Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Eagle Protection Dogs

Two Eagle Protection Dogs interest in great dogs started in the 1960s. Now a kennel that specializes in American Bulldog x Neapolitan Mastiff Bandogs, the Williams family strives to produce performance oriented family guardians and personal protection dogs. Our American Bulldogs are line bred on by far the hardest dogs we could find for hog relocation/hunting and extreme guarding ability. These were lines based mostly on Mitch Allison's tweaked and perfected old time Sure-grip/Watchdog lines. They are combined with a fully functional old style line of Neapolitan Mastino that looks and acts more like the 1950s and 1960s Neapolitans did before the show crowd bred them into a caricature of the real Neo. We imported our original Neapolitan stud dog from S. Africa from Dominator Kennels, Clinton Cilliers, who understood the job that the functional Neo was born for. The results are Steel-trap Bandogs, bred for one thing: guarding home and hearth. We do not breed over sized dogs for intimidation only, but fully functional Bandogs, as well as their composite breeds.

We also have a new, exciting, separate program combining our Bandogs with KNPV line Dutch Shepherds for what we are sure will be our ultimate offering in personal protection/companion/bodyguards.
Roger Williams

Dutch Shepherd Bandogs